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A "must" for younger drivers
"I'm a mother of two invincible, college aged, young men who should have their cell phones surgically implanted. I gave each one a set as part of their Christmas and both actually liked the gap fillers and agreed that this is a very worth-while product. No more searching for coins, cell phones, pens, french fries, etc. that always manage to get between the seat and console. One son drives a new Honda Civic, the other son drives a Trailblazer and I drive a Honda Accord and we are all able to use this product."


I love love love this item!
"This item is so cool. At first I thought it was going to be something useless but I like to try new products. I was "simply put" impressed. I love it. It has saved me on more than one occasion. One example, I was going to work one day and in order to go through the front gate I have to show my ID card. Well, well, well, one day I dropped it as I was getting it out of my wallet. If I wouldn't have this product I would have had to get out of my car and start digging around for my ID under my seat. Trust me, that is a NO NO at my jobs front gate. I highly recommend this product."


I would recommend Drop Stop to anyone!
They prevent you from looking down to pick up things that you have dropped between your seats. I am an owner of a body shop that specializes in the repair of exotic cars. I had a customer come in about 3 months ago that had dropped her expensive earrings between the seat, reached down and was digging for them and sideswiped a guardrail and did a lot of damage to the side of her vehicle. She had brought the vehicle by to have me remove the seat to recover the earrings. I called her and told her she needs to call and order a set of these!

Andy H.

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"I gave these to my husband for Christmas. He's always dropping stuff between the seats and can't get it out. The day that they came, he lost his phone, I called him and after about 15 minutes he realized that the phone was ringing in the car---YES, it fell between the seats. Boy was he mad. So on Christmas when he opened this up, he ran downstairs and put them right in. And they work more loosing stuff. The flashlight we put in the car door for emergencies. Can't recommend this item enough. What a perfect idea and a perfect gift!"


Alas! Just what I needed!
"For years I've been complaining about the gap that this product fills in the car. These gap fillers fit within this space nice & tightly and have saved countless items from slipping into obscurity; needless to say my hands & knees from getting ripped up by searching & digging. Once they're installed, there's nothing else to do; they stay put! I've had these for several months and highly recommend them for any driver-friend / relative you have."


What Gaps?
"Let me start off by saying that these should come standard with any vehicle purchase. Where have these great little time saving, frustration saving, and headache saving things been? No more lost pens, phones, credit cards, can't tell you how many times I have dropped my credit cards down in the "black hole" while trying to check out in the drive through pharmacy line. Whoever cam up with these, Thank you....................."


Does exactly as advertised!!
"Got these for our 2 Toyota Highlanders (2004 & 2008). Takes about 5 minutes to install & will save you much more than that in the time it takes to fish something out that was dropped - if you ever can get it out. Does not affect the function of the seats & is relatively unnoticeable even though they are black & our seats are light colored. Does the job!! Especially perfect for SUV's Nothing to lose in trying these, except maybe some frustration from dropping things into the abyss!!"


Fits well, ends annoying disappearing items
"These fit my BMW very well. They look nice even though my interior is on the light side. They move well with the seat and fill in the gaps. Easy to install and I enjoy them since I don't have to dig for keys, credit cards, work id, popcorn or fries. That space was so annoying until now. I was surprised that I like the cell phone pad so much. Holds my Blackberry with its neoprene case securely on the console. The flashlight is also a nice bonus. Have that in my purse for when more light is needed. This is a great set for the money. You won't be disappointed."


Love It Love It Looooove It!!
"This is the best car accessory I ever purchased. Easy to install. Although my car interior is tan, these blend in nicely. The contrast in color does not look odd. They fit snuggly, and move when the car seat is moved and yet they still stay in place between the console and the seat. Haven't had any dropped items yet. Don't expect to lose my ID tag, car keys, debit card, or designer pen between the seats ever again. I highly recommend this product. This would be a great gift to get for the "Hard to buy for person." Good for men and ladies. Get it for a son or daughter to help keep their eyes on the road and away from dropped objects. Moms, no more french fries between the seats!!! Realtors, no more cell phones between the seats!!"

Snickers Mom

Easy to install
"I just installed these on my Audi Q7, which was a breeze! Before this gap filler, my eyeliner and other small items fell in that proverbial black hole. It was impossible to insert my hand to retrieve it. Well, hopefully, this fixes that problem. It's nice that the fillers blend well with my car interior. Car dealers should definitely offer these in their accessories department. It's a practical and much needed accessory for any car."


Great invention...
"When I opened the box, I said this will not work. So I put them in my car, which is a Cadillac. Can't count all the times these have saved my keys and cell phone not falling between the seats. Almost sent them back without trying. So glad I didn't. And I absolutely love the cell phone pad.


Great Product!
"These are awesome; perfect fit, stays put beautifully, very low key and best of all, they really work!! Great invention! They will keep many an accident from happening!"


What A Great Idea
"I was always loosing things ..... money, food, pens, etc ....... between my seat and the center console. The last straw was when my key fell down into that void and I could not get it. No more!! These are the best. When something falls now, it lands on the pad, or bounces off onto the floor in front of me. They were a breeze to install, in my Q7, and move freely when the seat is moved. One of my best purchases!! Highly recommend them."


Fits As Promised In My Jetta
"The space between seat and console was very narrow, about the width of my finger, and yet these were easy to stuff into place. I think they would be most effective when they are really snug. I love knowing those spaces no longer exist, at least for all practical purposes. Love the sticky pad! I had one of another brand, but it was so flimsy the edges curled up on it. The light is just simply unbelievably slim! It really would fit in a card slot in my wallet, and yet it is quite bright. We all have priorities, but for my money, this set is well worth what I paid."


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