As Seen On Shark Tank
2 Drop Stops
1 Slide-Free Pad
1 Credit Card Light
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Pro Install Tips


Lean seatback ALL THE WAY BACK. Then install from opposite side.

Open Drop Stop's seat belt slot.

Slide slot around seat belt catch.

Make sure to push all the way down to the bottom of seat belt catch.

Tuck end of Drop Stop into back of crevice.

Pull and stretch Drop Stop to make easier to stuff down into the gap.

Use both hands to stuff Drop Stop into the gap.

Return seatback to upright position. Now you're ready to Stop The Drop!

  • Warning: Do not install or remove Drop Stop while vehicle is in motion. May cause driver to take eyes off road and risk injury.
  • Drop Stop will work with any vehicle that has the configuration of a seat and center console with a gap existing in between.
  • Drop Stop will fit any size gap up to 3 ½ inches wide and as small as ¼ of an inch.
  • Even if the gap appears smaller than ¼ inch, remember that the car seat itself is a cushion. By merely wedging something in between the car seat and center console, it can cause the seat cushion to give slightly which could allow Drop Stop to fit.
  • Drop Stop can also be weaved around or through most obstructions (such as emergency brake and seat adjuster) in the gap.

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