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1 Credit Card Light
1 Slide Free Pad
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Slide-Free Pad and Credit Card Light

Use & Care Instructions for Slide-Free Pad

Helps keep items in place and from falling to the floor.

  1. Thoroughly clean any surface of dust or dirt before using the Slide-Free Pad.
  2. Place Slide-Free Pad onto any hard surface in vehicle (dashboard, center console, etc.). Do not obstruct vision.
  3. Place items on Slide-Free Pad (phone, glasses, mp3 player, keys, change, etc.).
  4. If the Slide-Free Pad becomes dusty, dirty or loses its stickiness, simply rinse in cold water (mild soap ok, no chemical cleansers), and pat or air dry to reactivate.
  5. Slide-Free Pad is made with a special material that seems sticky yet leaves no sticky residue on either the surface it is placed or the item placed on top of it.
  6. Slide-Free Pad can withstand temperatures up to 140 degrees without causing any damage to the interior of your vehicle or the Slide-Free Pad itself.
  7. Do not place Slide-Free Pad on paper, woodwork, or walls.
  8. Do not place Slide-Free Pad on vehicle airbags.

LED Credit Card Light

Thin enough to fit in your wallet, purse, or pocket.

  1. Simply press the symbol (circle with a line through it) to illuminate the light.